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Adult Baby Clothing Basics


What to wear, what to wear? Adult baby clothing is a complicated area in the fashion world. Adults are proportioned very differently than babies, so creating baby clothing that is wearable by adults is not as simple as just scaling up baby clothes to adult sizes. Adult heads are proportionately smaller, adults have longer legs and arms compared to their trunks, and let’s face it—adults just weigh a lot more. But we know that you still want to look your best when mummy dresses you up, so here’s some tips on what to look for when buying or making adult baby clothing!


Sleepers that do not have fitted feet will be much easier to size for adults – look for ribbed elastic at the ankles to help hold them in place. Short-sleeved sleepers will tend to be cooler than long-sleeved ones as well. Zippered fronts are much easier to do up than snaps, but snaps will make it easier to access the diaper at changing time.


Big-boy and big-girl pyjamas for adult babies are built much like adult pyjamas, although you will find them in a range of juvenile patterns and fabrics. Look for less-fitted pyjamas that will give you lots of room in the bottoms for bulky diapers.

Diaper Covers

For the most part, adult baby diaper covers are decorative only, and are not usually plastic coated to prevent wetness from seeping through. To ensure a snug fit, look for diaper covers that have elastic fittings around the legs, and a Velcro tab closure at the front to ensure that the fit is correct around the waist — elastic waist covers tend to be difficult to fit properly. The Velcro tab closures also make it easier to open the cover at changing time! (Yes, diaper access is important with adult baby clothes, as you may have guessed!)


Hats are pretty straightforward items: you can purchase oversize baby bonnets for both boys and girls. If you want a big-boy or big-girl look, you can easily find adult-sized floppy-brimmed caps in pastel colours that are great for outside play!


Dresses and frocks are perfect for dressing up your little girl, but they are also great if you are into sissy-play (dressing your male adult baby up like girls). Pick ones that will easily go over the head, and do not have too many fussy buttons to fasten at dress-up time. Typically you will find that the wider and shorter dresses will give your adult baby the cute look you are going for. If you are going with a very short dress and don’t want the diaper showing, then choose a loose pair of bloomers that will fit over the diaper. Diaper covers are another option (see above).


Bibs are pretty straightforward items of clothing – you will generally find two types of bibs for adult babies. The first is the feeding-style bib which is short, usually made of terrycloth or vinyl and only comes to about the middle of the torso. These bibs fasten behind the neck with either a tie or with Velcro straps. The other style of bib is an apron or painting-style smock, usually made of a vinyl material and is designed to cover the whole torso. These are great for messy meals – spaghetti comes to mind!

Making your own adult baby clothes

In many cases people who have some level of sewing skills prefer manufacturing their own baby clothes to fit. If you choose to go this route, you can easily adapt adult clothing patterns to fir your adult baby. Leave about 50% more room in the tops to give a billowy effect to shirts and dresses, and if you are crafting bottoms, leave extra room to accommodate the size of the diaper that your adult baby will be wearing.

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