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Double PVC Bodybag from Shop4PVC [Review]


Located in the UK, Shop4PVC have been supplying the adult baby and fetish community for years. As the name suggest, they specialize in PVC clothing items, but also offer some terry-cloth diapers. Don’t be put off by the garish website though – the service is top class and they’re happy to answer any queries with expert knowledge and years of experience. The products are of fantastically high quality, nearly all made in the UK.

Today, I’ll be looking at the double PVC bodybag – a huge double-bed sized PVC enclosure for at a very affordable sub-¬£50 price.


The body bag comes in either a semi-transparent pink (as featured in the photos, and the same as my bo-peep PVC dress) or a natural vinyl colour. The plastic itself is so soft – it feels wonderful against your skin. Remember, not all PVC is the same; cheaper plastics are either backed by a material, or horribly stiff and cold to the touch.

There’s also a small viewing window in the middle of one of the sides, though I suppose you could always place that side on the bottom if you’d rather not have it there. As it is, useful to keep an eye on baby.


There’s a double zip that runs the full width, with the fastener on the inside – so it’s easy to climb straight in and enclose yourself completely without any outside help. This is probably classed as breath play though, so just be sure you can always reach that zip, or leave a small section open for air.


Though it’s as large as a double bed, mummy found it hard to fit two of us in there for anything other than a very close snuggle, especially when one of us is on the larger side. On your own, there’s ample room for any kind of play you might want; you can sit up or kneel just fine.


Inside the bag is a very foetal experience – an enclosed space, with the rest of the world almost completely blocked out.¬†With the zip done right up, you’ll quickly get hot, sticky, and wet. Those are three words I personally think go great together, so don’t take that as a bad thing.



The bodybag can be a great way to punish a bad little girl or sissy too – just whip up a batch of slime, throw them in there and let them struggle as you grope from the outside and they just get wetter.

As a pervertable, I suspect the body bag would also make a solid base for a large PVC vacuum bag, thanks to it’s sheer size and great value – just add your own DIY tube frame.

Do you have any more play ideas for a PVC bodybag? Do you love being enclosed in plastic? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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