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Inflatable Diaper


What on earth are these?

[singlepic id=73 w=600 h= float=]

This diaper can be inflated to give a really unique diaper play. Inside are some air pockets – there are two places to inflate, at the front and back, filled separately by standard inflatable mouthpieces. The sides don’t inflate, only the front and back.

[singlepic id=79 w=600 h= float=]

The outer material is made of a very flimsy and easy to tear thin plastic, while the inside is strong black PVC.

Here they are deflated.

[singlepic id=71 w=600 h= float=]

And when fully inflated, with a diaper for size comparison.

[singlepic id=72 w=600 h= float=]

Enjoy bulkiness?

Well, this is pretty much the most bulkiest diaper you’ve ever going to find. At full inflation, these were literally impossible to get on; I had to deflate them to about 60-70% for them to be useable with my chubby little legs. That said, these feel fantastic, but it’s different to the padded type diapers I reviewed before as the inflation here is all at the back and front – not between your legs. It’s certainly a unique feeling; it’s a total loss of control around your waist, unable to balance right. You can sit on a footstool, and kneel just fine, but if you toppled over you likely wouldn’t be able to get up.

[singlepic id=78 w=600 h= float=]

I could safely lie down in them and put my full weight on, but I wouldn’t be too rough with them or the air pockets might burst.

[singlepic id=75 w=600 h= float=]

Can I buy some??

Sadly, I got this off eBay and it’s definately custom made, although not by the eBayer I bought from. There is no label, no indication of who actually made, and countless Google searches are drawing a blank.

The closest I can find is, though they aren’t exactly the same and are also way out of the budget of this little baby.

Full gallery below. Do let me know if you know where these originally come from or can find any other similar items!

[nggallery id=9]


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  2. I think I know who has made them. I had one of them myself. But sadly the last nappys she made arenĀ“t inflatable. I will give you a direct link to her german Ebay-shop:*dream?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
    But I think she is happy to make some custom if you ask. Mine got destroyed the seams ripped some times on the sides because the plastic is stitched. She uses as far as I know Inflatable cushions.

    I think I have another ebayer for you:
    Makes mostly inflatable pants from different kinds and colors of pvc. Not stitched but glued.

    Both would sell outside of Ebay but you should ask to wich countries they send.

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