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Project DominAI v0.2 Release: Suck’n’Fuck Mode


v0.2 Update Summary

  • “Suck n Fuck” mode implemented for blowjob training via SR-04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Voice feedback added; Speech for Arduino on OSX reads out whatever is sent back on the console
  • RF control of AC sextoys simplified, relay requirement removed.

v0.1 was a simple exercise in controlling AC sextoys, and a random mode was added. v0.2 represents a massive leap in functionality, so let me explain the new features.

Firstly, a basic blowjob trainer has been added using an ultrasonic SR04 distance sensor. I used the front of an old shelf to embed the sensor and attach a vaculock dildo holder, so I can add various dildo sizes.


With your head oriented in the right direction, it takes ultrasonic distance readings from your forehead. Upon turning the device on initially, you’re required to calibrate. Distances are only measured once you’re within 30cm, so this basically activates the program and begins calibration. You need to calibrate 3 points – the head, a normal suck, and deepthroat. Once you’ve done those – it takes about 3 seconds at each point – then training will begin. Note: The deep throat measurement is not actually used right now, but you’ll need to calibrate it anyway. 

With this update comes “sucknfuck” mode; this assumes your sextoy is being used as a reward mechanism, and will only activate when you please the mistress by accurately and quickly performing the blowjobs. For a more intense session, I’ll be adding in the next version a “suck or fuck” mode, where toys are used to punish instead.

The AC control was also simplified significantly in this version, requiring only a single control pin that goes directly to the RF module; I’ve completely eliminated the need to use relays there. This relies on an external RCSwitch library.

Voice output has also been added using a small $3 donation-ware app called Speech For Arduino on OSX. It says everything that comes in over the serial connection with any system voices (including Samantha, aka Siri). If you don’t have it, you can see the text version of what is being said using the serial monitor in the Arduino app for feedback on calibration etc. If you are using the speech feedback option, don’t open the serial monitor or it’ll crash due to multiple apps trying to access the same port.

You can adjust the phrases said by finding the following lines around this one:

String nounPhrases[NOUNS] = {"bitch","emeeko","little girl","sissy boy","baby","baby girl","slave","little bitch","whore"}; // ways you refer to yourself, surrounded by double quotes, separated by commas

There are nouns, punishment phrases, and reward phrases. Nouns will automatically be added to the start of any reward or punishment phrase.

So, you want to build one for yourself?

You shouldn’t need any schematics as all the pin outs needed are described above.

Questions, comments or feedback welcome below.

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